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Shams Free Zone, which opened its doors in 2017, is regarded as one of the UAE’s newest and most sought-after Free Zone destinations. It is regarded as the UAE’s “home” for all media and industry enthusiasts.
Sharjah, an emirate 30 minutes east of Dubai, is home to SHAMS. The six emirates that comprise the United Arab Emirates around it. Shams was first founded as a center for media and creative industries, and it has since grown to include trading, consulting, and services.

Advantages of Company Formation in Sharjah Media City Free Zone


The low cost of this Sharjah Free Zone company establishment is among its most alluring aspects. You can start a business with advantages like 0% personal tax and 100% capital and profit repatriation for as little as AED 6,000.

Flexible Business Trade Licenses

Shams offers 4 types of business licenses that can cater to various company activities. This gives more options for entrepreneurs to choose or add from any of the wide variety of business activities from a single license.

Flexible Visa Packages

Businesses having mainland licenses may be operating on government contracts. Since it frequently needs qualified contractors for multi-million dollar projects, the UAE government gives you the chance to compete on high-risk, high-return projects.

Extended Customer Support

After a business successfully opens in the Free Zone, Shams’s relationship with its clientele does not cease. By showcasing them on numerous websites and social media channels, it shows support by increasing their visibility

Establishing a business in the Sharjah Media City Free Zone only costs AED 6,000.
The cost would vary according to the type of business, number of shareholders, need for office space, and other elements.

Cost of Company Formation in Sharjah Media City Free Zone

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