Set Up Your Company in Dubai Mainland

Entrepreneurs can conduct business both inside and outside of the United Arab Emirates with an onshore firm that holds a Dubai Mainland license. Trade licenses for mainland businesses are granted by Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED).
In Dubai Mainland, professional and commercial licenses can be applied for. The following advantages are available with the DED-issued trade license, which is regarded as more premium.

  • Permits 100% foreign ownership;
  • Enables business to be conducted anywhere in the UAE;
  • Allows office space to be owned and rented within the Dubai mainlandI
  • It is easier to create bank accounts, particularly with traditional banks;
  • Doing business with government agencies;
  • There are less restrictions on nationality when acquiring a trade license;
  • Adding more visas to the trade license makes it much easier for a business to scale.


While a physical office is not required to form a company in Dubai, Fanar Management Consultancy’s co-working DED package would be an ideal place to start.

Advantages of Company Formation in DED Dubai

Freedom to Operate Anywhere

Obtaining a Dubai Mainland License is highly recommended since it allows you to conduct business without any restrictions on location. Companies based on the UAE mainland are permitted to trade and conduct business both inside and outside of the country, as well as in all free zones.

Ability to Work with Government Bodies

Contracts with the government may be was working on by businesses that hold mainland licenses. The UAE government offers you an opportunity to compete on to be at risk, high-return projects since it regularly needs skilled contractors for multi-million dollar projects.

No Visa Limitations

Businesses on the UAE mainland are free to increase the number of visas they are able to issue under a business license. After a while, more real estate might be needed, but expanding the company is far simpler.
Dual licensing structures (Mainland and Free Zone) are also permitted in Free Zones.

Financial Viability

Businesses that hold a Dubai Mainland license benefit from the same advantages as those who hold a Free Zone license. This also applies to not having to pay taxes. It’s also crucial to remember that establishing a business with a Dubai Mainland License does not require a minimum capital requirement.

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