Regulatory Compliance

1. Company Regulatory Policies

Fanar Management Consultancy specializes in providing comprehensive services related to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Compliance policies tailored to the unique regulatory landscape of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With expertise in drafting AML policies and frameworks, Fanar ensures that businesses adhere to the stringent regulatory requirements set forth by UAE authorities. Their dedicated team works closely with clients to develop robust AML policies that are customized to their specific needs and industry standards. Furthermore, Fanar goes beyond policy drafting by assisting businesses in implementing AML frameworks effectively, ensuring compliance with UAE regulations. By leveraging their in-depth knowledge of local regulations and best practices, Fanar Management Consultancy helps organizations mitigate the risks associated with money laundering and terrorist financing while fostering a culture of compliance and integrity within their operations.

2. UBO Submission (Freezone/ Mainland/Offshore)

Fanar Management Consultancy offers comprehensive assistance in ensuring compliance with Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) regulations and facilitates the submission of UBO reports to the relevant regulatory authorities, whether it pertains to Freezone/Zone, mainland, or offshore entities. Our team of experts specializes in navigating the complexities of UBO requirements, providing tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. With our guidance, you can confidently fulfill your regulatory obligations and ensure transparency in your business operations.

3. Transfer Pricing

The UAE has enacted Economic Substance Regulations (ESR) and introduced a requirement for UAE resident entities to maintain an adequate ‘economic presence’ in the UAE, relative to the activities they undertake. As a leading provider of tax and business consulting services in the UAE, AJMS is best placed to help you in determining whether the ESR apply to your business. We have an experienced ESR team who can analyze your business activities, determine whether you are within the rules and guide you as to what actions are required to ensure full compliance and reporting.

Fanar Management Consultancy is dedicated to supporting businesses in complying with Economic Substance Regulations (ESR) through a range of services tailored to meet your needs. Our team provides thorough ESR assessments, ensuring that your business structure and operations align with regulatory requirements. We guide you through the ESR notification process, facilitating clear communication with the relevant authorities. Additionally, we handle the submission of ESR reports in accordance with the regulatory laws set forth by the Ministry of Finance, guaranteeing compliance and peace of mind for your organization. With Fanar’s expertise, you can navigate the intricacies of ESR regulations confidently and efficiently.

4. Complete Compliance Solution

The complete client lifetime is covered by Fanar Management Consulting’s comprehensive digitization solution, which includes transaction monitoring, regulatory reporting, sanction screening, onboarding, and more. We currently have around 200 active deployments across several sectors and jurisdictions. Some of our clients have also indicated that they would like to be onboarded. Our deployments include every aspect of the financial sector, including digital payments, non-banking institutions, remittance players, and wallets.

We are providing various kind of Solutions,
1. DIGI Core,
a. eKYC Customer onboarding
b. Inward & Outward Remittance
c. Retail & Wholesale Forex
d. Transaction Screening & Enterprise Wide Risk Assessment
e. Accounting & Finance
f. Central Bank Regulation & Report
2. Digi Comply
a. eKYC Customer onboarding
b. Transaction screening
c. Transaction Monitoring
d. Retail & Wholesale Forex
e. Enterprise Wide Risk Assessment
f. Regulatory Reporting
a. Easy Onboarding
b. Name Screening
c. Risk Analysis at onboarding and Profile Updating
d. Risk & Profile Update
e. Automatic reading of Data from the different of ID Cards
f. Multiple Reports
4. DIGI Cards
a. Card Issuance, Reissuance & Maintenance
b. Card inventory Management
c. Currency Stock View & Validation
d. Auto Block, Unblock capabilities
e. Virtual Card capability via App
f. Support for WPS System
g. Highly Scalable Solution
h. QR Based Payment Capability

4. Training & Development

Fanar Management offers a comprehensive array of Training & Development services tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses and professionals. Our team of experienced trainers brings practical expertise from diverse industries, serving as strategic partners for corporates and driving the transformation of numerous leaders, managers, and professionals across the region.

Drawing upon our cumulative experience across various industries and professional domains, we provide an ideal environment for students to expand their knowledge, professionals to enhance their skill sets, and employers to maximize the potential of their human resources. We prioritize staying abreast of global trends and local market requirements, continuously updating our training topics, content, and categories to ensure relevance in today’s dynamic business environment.

At Fanar, we are committed to meeting your specific needs and empowering individuals and organizations to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

Training & Short Courses included,
1. ICAEW CFAB Certificate in Finance, Accounting & Business
2. Finance Fpr Non- Finance Managers Course in Dubai
3. Training Program for Corporate Tax, VATand Transfer Pricing
4. Soft Skills Courses
5. ESG Certification
6. Public Speaking
7. Blockchain
8. Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
9. Navigating IFRS : From Principle to Practice
10. Certified Management Account (CMA)
11. Financial Risk Manager (FRM)
12. Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)
13. Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)
14. Corporate Governance Course
15. Corporate Tax Course
16. ACCA Course
17. Fintech Programme
18. Certified Anti Money Laudering Specialist (CAMS)

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